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Updated: September 09, 2023

I apolize that these photos are not the best of quality, for these photos were taken many years ago by another fan. Many of these rare photos have NEVER been seen before, and your getting the first peak of them right now.

Producer and Creator, Irwin Allen wanted a design of the Jupiter-2 that would surpass the period of time. The design of a flying saucer concept used for the Robinson's spacespace is one of the very best ever used. It still remains a favorite by the fans and a true classic.

Several different sizes of the Jupiter-2 were made for filming purposes on the TV series. This was the 4 footer, later reused for Irwin's TV movie "City Beneath the Sea" in 1970. The Jupiter-2 was modified to be a city building, and windows were cut out of the Jupiter-2's upper hull. Hard to believe that Irwin would do this on such an expensive prop as this was back in the 1960's? (This was done to save production cost) Master prop builder "Greg Jein" of Los Angeles had this prop and the original Robot B-9 in his warehouse for many years in storage.

As with both the Jupiter-2 and the Robot, Greg went to work and restorated both props to which they once were. Note the fushion core lights, and the landing legs. Photo #8 shows the Space Pod bay doors underneath the Jupiter-2 near the fushion core area. A lot of time, work, money, and patience went into this thanks to Greg Jein.

"Congratulations Greg for a job well done!"

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