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Updated: February 22, 2004

" now is the Jupiter-2." The Full Size Jupiter-2 Set from the Television Special


Shown here is the actual 1:1 scale set used in filming the "Lost in Space Forever" television special. This stunning full size interior was pain stakingly recreated using the original FOX Jupiter-2 blueprints.

Set contains interior Jupiter-2 walls, 1 freezing tube, full size astrogator with transparent dome, floor, view port windows (star backdrop), air-lock hatch and main navigation cockpit with computer consoles.

All set pieces still contain the parts / mechanisms as seen on "Lost in Space Forever".

ABOVE: The Jupiter-2 Cockpit (left) and the Communications Center

ABOVE: The Freezing Tube (left) and the Programming Center

ABOUT THE SHOW / THE SET: 1998 gave us the premiere of a brand new television special re-telling the history of the show from genesis to today. Called Lost in Space Forever, the documentary featured clips, cast interviews, out-takes, and a very special surprise ending.

The project was conceived by producer Kevin Burns (seller), the same man who had directed 1995's Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen documentary. Lost in Space Forever takes us inside the Jupiter-2 Spaceship to behold a full-size re-creation of the ship's upper deck interior.

Exact in every detail, the set spans from the freezing tubes, past the cockpit and ending just past the main hatch. Finally, the center of the set sports a perfectly re-constructed Astrogator featuring a Polar Lights Jupiter-2 model kit atop the unit's interior gadgetry!

This unique and exciting item is being sold "as is". The set has been placed in storage since the conclusion of filming "Lost in Space Forever". Due to the nature of standard "set construction", many of the pieces of this set are to be considered fragile. This set cost over $20,000.00 to create.

ABOVE: Jonathan Harris and Bill Mumy on the set during filming of "Lost in Space Forever".

This one-of-a-kind masterpiece comes with an official COA (certificate of authenticity) from Kevin Burns of Synthesis Entertainment / Space Productions. NOTE: This is not the original 1960's set from Lost in Space . This is the re-created set used in filming the 1998 television special "Lost in Space Forever" starring Jonathan Harris, Billy Mumy, & Bob May as the Robot.

This item was up for bid on eBay on Febuary 23, 2004

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