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Updated: April 16, 2012

I received this prop from Peter Greenwood in the early 1990's. It came UPS in a broken box and pieces were missing. There are two buttons that are different from the video still, however, this piece was used many times as different computers and was sent to me this way.

It now remains a faded pink from the episode, "The Time Merchant". Everything matches exactly, and you can see the words, SINE FREQ. OR RAMP/STEP AMP'S above the blue buttons among the other matching words, and of course, the word PROGRAMMER that aligns perfectly with the green buttons just as in the video capture. The piece has a massive amount of wires underneath. This prop was authenticated personally by Jonathan Harris in around the year 2000 in NJ.

Many thanks to, "Rick Shaver" for sharing this item with us!

Value: $3,000.

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