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Updated: April 17, 2024

A very rare color copy, of only few made, of a quality rendered image of a very unique looking alien from Lost in Space, known as "The Figure on Planet X". To our knowledge, this piece may have never been seen by Lost in Space enthusiasts before, until now!?

The color Xerox copy of the original Paul Zastupnevich hand-colored, pencil and ink drawing, measures an impressive 8½" wide by 14" tall. It depicts the space alien standing strongly in a classic Zastupnevich design costume. With the words "Space Family Robinson" written on the upper right hand corner of the original, and purposely smugged by Paul to create kind of a logo type effect for the wording.

There is wording to the left of the alien on the original, running vertically downwards in Zastupnevich's handwriting that states:

"Large dome head… with eye sockets made of magnifying glasses to distort the eyes… Pointed ears." "Mustard yellow shredded tunic…" "Use flexi rubber gloves to change hands… no nails…" "Taupe stretch tights… cape 210." To the upper right of the alien's head it appears the following is written Note: the acclaimed makeup effects artist's name: "Ben Nye has sketch…" Beneath those words and the Space Family Robinson mock logo is a thumbnail sketch of the collar section of the proposed tunic. To the right of the alien's left shin is written: "Figure on Planet X" Paul Zastupnevich's name is signed ( not an original signature ) on the copy to the right of space alien's left foot.

Value: $100.

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