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Updated: February 28, 2004

From the Lost in Space episode, Junkyard in Space - March 6, 1968 with alien of the week, Marcel Hillaire as the Junkman.

A fire in the port fuel cells knocks out the long-range sensors of the Jupiter-2. As they are approaching a cosmic cloud, they have to investigate if from the Space Pod. Dr. Smith is supposed to go, but baits the Robot into taking the mission. The Robot reports that the cloud is harmless, and that the Space Pod is being drawn to the planet below. It crashed down, and the Robot is caught by an electromagnet in some cosmic junkyard.

These are great early storyboard drawings from the last episode of the 3-year series. Note the drawings of the close-up shots of the Space Pod and it's interior. These are very special, and adds much interest in the making of the show.

Value: $1,000-Up.

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