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Updated: April 18, 2024

This interesting item is a vintage silver one-piece spacesuit with red trim that came from Western Costume with a number of other spacesuits and Lost in Space material. It is fanciful and furturistic, hand made and high quality with a Western Costume label. We have strong reason to believe this is an Irwin Allen Lost in Space TV third season suit worn by either Will or Penny, their doubles or stunt people. There are differences in this suit from what you see in the series such as collar but the resemblence is more than striking. It does not appear, however, that this suit had a higher collar that was removed or altered. Height of suit from cuff to neck is appx. 46 inches. Waist appears to be about 26 inches and inseam is 21 inches. Quality zippers are at both ankles and wrists as shown in CU. Long zipper at back has fold over red-lined cover flap to make suit appear seamless.

It is also possible that this suit could have been a prototype or that this piece was used in other Irwin Allen shows as well ( such as Time Tunnel that featured aliens on Earth ). There is some light damage on the legs from use but we do not think you will be disappointed in this beauty! We can see how this suit could have been used in LIS, then modified by Western Costume for later use on other productions as was always the case. Excellent Condition.

This is a first I have ever seen on a stunt-double costume from the Lost in Space TV series. Very rare item, and was being auction off through the Museum of Mom and Pop Culture, on 9/21/5.

( * ) Update: Received sevearl e-mails from prop collector Phil? He stated to me that this costume was made in the early 1970's by Western Costumes. This was a rental costume available for the general public, and was not screen used. The spacesuit collar is a sample of the slight modifications that were made to the costume. Not to mention the wear and use of the costume, effecting it's present condition. This was a common business for Western Costumes in the 1970's and early 80's. They later stopped renting costumes, seeing that many of the costumes were never returned, or original costumes being returned and replaced with replica costumes.

Value: $5,000. ( Stunt Costume ) $1,000. ( Rental Costume )

(*) Update: January 18, 2005 from Jay Gowey:

The Lost in Space costumes were not discovered until the mid 90's so Phil's duplicate theory is 20 years off. I dealt with Western Costumes and they didn't make costumes for free and certainly would lose money again making a child size suit for rent. This suit was modified because it was worn at the collar, stained with make-up or simply altered for another feature such as Herbie goes Bananas in which 2 Lost in Space spacesuits are used. I own this and many rare vintage props and can say it is not a fabrication and was used on Lost in Space.

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