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Updated: May 15, 2019

A kids best friend, is his Robot builder! One of the dearest friends I have met on the internet is Jerry and Cynthia Warner of New York City. Jerry can build anything when it comes to spare parts, and his given talents. I have purchase many special pieces for my collection, thanks to Jerry.

This is yet another creation of Jerry's. A combination LIS Robot and Mystery Island Robot, all mixed into one Robot. The Robot is made of tin medal, plastic, rubber, and special lighting effects in the Robot's head. The Robot is 8.5" tall & very squatty looking. The body barrel is about 3.5" in diameter & claws stand 5" across. The lites in the head area runs off of a 9 volt battery, and the Robot has rollers on the base, for moveable action. Thanks Jerry for bringing so much excitement in my search for rare items, and the fun of collecting!

Value: $200.

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