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Updated: March 27, 2009

Here's a quite scarce "Lost in Space" - full-size 1:1 scale B-9 Robot Replica Icons Snow Globe Gift, from 11 years ago in 1998. Depicts one of the "9" full-size B-9 robots the pioneering replica company Icons manufactured and delivered, after hundreds of thousands of dollars was spent in R & D, prototyping and mastering. The first time in history that a full-size licensed and authorized "Lost in Space" Robot was ever produced and sold to the general public.

This custom made B-9 Robot Snow Globe, was sent to Icons as a thank you gift from customers Mike and Nancy M. who were delivered one of the "9" full-size B-9's made at Icons, while the company endured countless back-stabbing by un-licensed competitors, internal and external sabotage, Internet slander campaigns (lead by an obsessive pedophile, who was eventually arrested for Cyber-stalking and served 2 years in Prison), Studio greed, crooked Investment Bankers and mass investor defaults. Including on Wall Street, where the ambitious Company was to be taken public in 1998 in a 5 million dollar public offering.

Sadly, this never came to pass...and much like the Titanic, Icons sank under it's own weight. It is still very odd how the "9" full-size B-9 Robots which were manufactured by Icons and delivered to Customers, are never mentioned in discussions about the company. This snow globe depicts the full-size Icons B-9 Robot replica standing proudly in the now legendary Icons conference Room, against a back-lit futuristic wall, Icons originally produced for use on the Sci-Fi Television series "Babylon 5." The Icons Sun Beam Logo is depicted on the back of the snow globe. The Snow flakes are white and green metallic, looks awesome when shook. Comes with the pieces original white box.

A very scarce artifact from the ORIGINAL and still the best 1:1 scale Studio Film and Television Prop, Wardrobe and Miniature replica company of all time. All others are just followers....who now stand on the shoulders of a once great Giant."

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