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Updated: June 09, 2020

On Monday September 5, 2005 I received a very special e-mail from an old Lost in Space fan. Attached were 6 rare photos of our loved space hero the B9 Robot. As many of you know, this original prop was later modified for the Saturday afternoon show, Mystery Island.

These photos have never been seen before, until now. These photos were taken at the Fox lot back in 1987. The fan had a written request to visit the studio for a future Lost in Space book project. The fan waited as two prop hands carried the Robot inside a large wooden crate. The Robot was brought out in different sections. Many parts including the collar was damage from use and time spent sitting in a crate. A calculator was also placed in the back of the Robots torso, for that real cheesy special effect look.

This is a true treat for any Lost in Space fan. I personally have searched for info and photos on Mystery Island, for nearly 10 years. These are the best ever seen to date. I am amazed what I have found and posted on our site over the past 6 years. Making our website unique of valueable resource of imformation. This is truly one of the best found treasures to date.

Special thanks to a dedicated friend and fan for sharing these photos with us!

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