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Updated: July 22, 2012


* The Loveable Bubble-Headed Booby Joins The Gang Robinson Family & Doctor Smith. From 1960's Classic Television Show Airing From The Third Season.

* Just Newly-Built Customized-Features As Follows: .........

* Motorized Rolling Wheels ..... * Lights Extensive Custom Control-Plate. * Brain-Pattern Drilled-Out & Added Lights in Bubble Head. * Power-Pack Green Circuit Board ........ * Cut-Out Computer-Door Lower Front Torso.

* Black-Treads Layered With Special Rubber Texture Look. * Coil Arms Have Been Shaped & Secured to Bend In. * Gold Theme: Gold-Spinner In Bubble-Head & One Gold Sensor/ Asstd Gold SQ-Buttons Control-Plate. * Beautiful Paint Job Twist On First-Season Style.

* Battery-Power For Lights & Wheel-Action ~ From: * Two On-Off Switches Back Lower Platform / Photo To View.

* Control-Plate Details: ~ Top Two-Fake-Bulbs Are Cut-Out & Clear-Bulbs Inserted. Twelve Bottom Fake-Lights Are Drilled Out & Color Bulbs Inserted. All These Custom Bulbs Are Lite Up From Behind With Two Blinking Lights. The Ten Square-Buttons Are Enhanced With Red Vinyl & Gold Decal Type Layering.

* These Masudaya Robot Kits Do Not Come With Any Of These Custom Added One-Of-Kind Features.

Created By Master Robot Artist, Jerry VonMueller

Value: $500-Up.

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