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Updated: March 16, 2022

La-La Land Records presents: Lost in Space: 40th Anniversary Limited Edition. A remastered 2 Disc Set commemorating the best musical moments of one of television’s most beloved Sci-Fi series. Features more than 65 minutes of never before released music, and a collectable 16 page CD Booklet with in depth, exclusive liner notes. This is a 5000 unit Limited Edition.

Composed by Herman Stein, Alexander Courage, Leigh Harline, Cyril Mockridge Gerald Fried, Fred Steiner, Leith Stevens and John Williams.

TRACK LISTING (* denotes previously unreleased material) More sound samples will be added when we announce the pre-order. Keep checking this site for more info! Disc one Lost in Space Season I Main Title (0:53) (John Williams)

THE RELUCTANT STOWAWAY (John Williams) Smith’s Entrance (2:45) Final Countdown (4:33) Escape Velocity / Meteor Storm (5:41) Weightless Waltz (3:37) Monster Rebels (3:40) Walk In Space / To Be Continued* (7:35)

ISLAND IN THE SKY (John Williams) Strange Planet* / John’s Descent* ( 1:30) Helmet It* (1:19) Strangle Hold / Landing (6:24) Lil’ Will And The Robot* (1:29) Search For John (4:13) Monkey’s Doo* (4:52) Operation Rescue* (1:16) Personal Chauffeur / Electric Sagebrush / Will Is Threatened (2:34)

THE HUNGRY SEA (John Williams) Earthquake (2:45) Temperature Rising* / Boring Company* / Don’s Rays* (4:08) Warming Rays* / Sun Storm (3:00) Land Ho / Kid’s Play-Off* (2:36)

MY FRIEND MR. NOBODY (John Williams) Wonderland Discovery / Penny’s Problem / Gathering Wild Flowers (9:33) New Galaxy (2:26)

Lost in Space Season I End Title (0:50) (John Williams) Total Time (78:55) All Music Published By Skelton Music, BMI Disc 2 “CBS Presents This Special Program In Color” (0:08) Lost in Space Season III Main Title (1:02) (John Williams)

THE DERELICT (Herman Stein / Hans J. Salter†) Derelict Title / Frontal Robotomy /Family (2:00) THERE WERE GIANTS IN THE EARTH (Herman Stein) Microscope /Pod Almighty (1:49)

WELCOME STRANGER* (Herman Stein and Frank Comstock) Stranger / Friend Or Foe / Permission / Spore Sprayer / The Robinsons / Upper-Ration / Hapgood / Star Charts / Tall Tail / Blast Off (17:33)

Lost in Space Season III Bumper* (0:05) (John Williams) BLAST OFF INTO SPACE* ( Leith Stevens) The Family/Quake / Mine Entrance / Galaxies Wins / Spilled Cosmonium / It’s Alive / Cosmonium Fiend / One Last Check / Family / Blast Off / Thruster Control Short / Thruster Control Continued / Freeze Frame (15:58)

CURSE OF COUSIN SMITH* (Robert Drasnin) Mississippi Shuffle (1:28) Little Joe’s Yes (1:22) GIRL FROM THE GREEN DIMENSION* (Alexander Courage) Mulberry Bush / What A Knight (4:26) CAVE OF THE WIZARDS* (Alexander Courage) Mummy’s Boy / Draconian Anthem / King Queen (5:16)

COLLISION OF PLANETS* (Gerald Fried) The Aliens/Sampson March/1st Blast (3:27)

THE PROMISED PLANET (Pete Rugolo) Space-A-Delic (3:50) Senior - from THE SKY PIRATE (Leigh Harline) / Introduction - from GHOST IN SPACE (Leigh Harline) / The Search - from THE SKY PIRATE (3:58) (Lionel Newman) A Nice Little Bank/Investigation - from THE SKY PIRATE (2:52) (Cyril Mockridge)

Terror Stinger / Another World / Ominous Signs / Awful Monster / Silly Monster - from SPACE CIRCUS (8:02) (Fred Steiner)

FORBIDDEN WORLD (Robert Drasnin) Space Walk* (0:39) Lost in Space Season II Main Title (unused) (0:58) (Warren Barker) Lost in Space Season III End Title (1:09) (John Williams) Total Time (77:32) * - Previously Unreleased Material Music Published By Skelton Music, BMI / ASCAP.

(*) Congratulations to our own graphic artist Larry Lee Moniz, for providing the newly revised 3rd season variation LIS logo on the CD cover!

Value: $30. (Retail)

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