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Updated: March 20, 2022

The Robinsons May 17 2005 Update:

Kevin Burns writes:

The Robinsons: Lost in Space" will not be seen on the WB this fall. The inability to sign a top-flight show runner before the "up-fronts" in NYC next week will keep the show on the shelf, at least for the present. The WB is still very keen on the series and will work with Fox and Synthesis to find and hire a qualified writer / producer in time for mid-season.

As far as Jon and I are concerned, we'd rather do the show right or not at all. The WB's decision to wait until we find the right creative partner is a smart one.



April 10, 2005 Update:

There was a preliminary screening of the LIS pilot in LA last night. This is done to get a sense of what the test audience thinks before the final production airs on TV. Kevin Burns reports that some tweaking of the pilot still needs to be done, but the response to what was shown was generally favorable, and the audience liked what they saw. May is quickly approaching, so the final version must be completed very soon.

The Robinsons: Lost in Space the cast will consist of:

John Robinson - (Brad Johnson imdb) - father, retired military man Maureen Robinson (Jayne Brook imdb) - mother David Robinson - eldest son Judy Robinson (Adrianne Palicki) - teenage daughter Will Robinson (Ryan Malgarini imdb) - young genius son Penny Robinson - infant daughter Don West - (Mike Erwin imdb) - lone wolf pilot with a reputation as dangerous

Terence Chang - Executive Producer Suzanne Zizzi - Executive Producer Jon Jashni - Executive Producer Kevin Burns - Executive Producer John Woo - Executive Producer Irwin Allen - Creator (Original Series) Douglas Petrie - Developer

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