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Updated: September 02, 2016

The Space Pod was introduced in the third & final season on Lost in Space in 1968. As with the Flying Sub also introduced in the fourth season on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Producer & creator Irwin Allen added these two new props to the shows to add for more exciting scripts and higher ratings. Both of these high tec flying devices played an important part in transporting the crew of the Jupiter-2/Voyage around not only on the surface, water, space, or alien worlds. The sets also changed with these new motifications.

It was never explained how the Space Pod could get out from underneath the Jupiter-2 when the ship was crashed on the alien planets? But for Irwin Allen's shows were not of fact or logic, but that of sci-fi fantasy. The Space Pod was an exciting and fun space vehicle to watch & use your imagination as a young kid.

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