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Updated: December 25, 2010

I am often asked if I collect or have interest in other items besides Irwin Allen. The answer to that question is...Yes! I have collected stamps and old Archie comic books for over 30 plus years. But, I will not be posting that stuff here on this site. Maybe, that will be another NEW site the near future? I love sci-fi, and horror films. Not the blood and gutts, but the true classic's of the the 1950-60's years.

I never missed Bob Wilkins and "Creature Features" every Saturday night. The whole family was out on the floor sleeping within the first hour, but not me. Those Godzilla and Mummy films were real eye closers at times. I loved the old movie cerels, and again those famous cliff hangers. I have decided to share additional items in my collection for your enjoyment.

I haven't done much on this page, seeing our website has grown and changed so much over the past 3 years. New/old items that appear here, will soon get there own section on the website when time permits us here. My collection and hobby has grown so fast, it's hard to keep-up with all the updates.

"Let me know what you like here?"

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