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Updated: June 25, 2020

I am always getting e-mails from people on the internet asking about my collection. They want to know where I put all my collectibles at? Well, at present I have several large custom built cabinets to showcase many of my items. I have already out grown them, and more will be built soon. That's if we ever sell this house here in San Jose? The market is not a good one for seller's right now. Much of my collectibles are in storage, for the lack of space. Models are still being built, and artwork is endless when it comes to framing.

Speaking of framing, I have had over 125 pieces framed, which may give you an idea on how much wall space I will need in the future?? I remember several months ago when my parents and I moved my framed art pieces to our new home in Paradise. It took all three of us over an hour to unload it all! Mostly what I currently have on display at home is my models. These Lunar kits are so fragile, and almost impossible to pack away. Plus, I really enjoy looking at them.

I also have some of my vintage toys, and gotta have some of those cool looking Robots to gaze at while working on my computer. But many of you have asked to see my collectibles, so here ya go! Enjoy, as always...

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