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Updated: May 10, 2022

Planet of the Apes 1974 Mattel Tommy Burst Toy Machine Gun. This rare POTA Tommy Burst is in good to fair condition with play wear. The original POTA decal is present with some wear to the edges (see close-up photo). The POTA Tommy Burst Toy Gun is approximately 22 inches or 55 cm in length (slightly shorter than issued due to the missing end). The guns end / muzzle is broken. The trigger and automatic spring loaded machine gun action do not work, however, the spring lever does pull back as intended but does not move forward automatically, needing to be manually pushed to the front. There is a machine gun sound when the lever is manually pushed forward. Restoration may be possible by replacing a trigger band and / or oiling the spring mechanism, but this kind of repair is beyond my knowledge or ability. The spring does appears to be in good shape with no rust or kinks present. The sight crosshair / eye piece is still attached with the ability to move up and down, but the top is broken and missing (see close-up photo). The POTA Tommy Burst is a rare toy that can be hard to find, and it commands a high dollar price in very good to excellent condition. However, this POTA Tommy Burst still looks very nice and would make a great place holder in any Planet of the Apes Collection.

Value: $250.

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