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Updated: August 30, 2006

These beautiful mini die-cast 'Mechanized Robby Robots', (based on the 1950's movie classic 'Forbidden Planet' starring Robby the Robot) are all in mint condition, and comprise every single one of the previously released versions, including the ATC Toy Show promo, the Toys Club promo, the regular from Series 1, the 'Secret Robot' from Series 1, and the spectacular chrome 'Secret Robot' from Series 3!

Each Robot stands just under 3 inches tall, and is in mint, unboxed condition. For those who are not already familiar with these mini die-cast metal Robots, they are only a few inches tall but feature INCREDIBLE detail, and the SECRET Robots from the various series produced thus far are EXTREMELY hard to get.

The market for them in Asia is so hot that they usually don't make it over here to the USA!

Value: $350. (Complete Set)

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