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Updated: August 19, 2006

Produced by the Japanese Toy Company Nomura in 1958. Normura filled out it's mid-priced Robby-style product range with alternate colors of Piston Action Robots. Then as now, multiple colors allow manufacturers to offer case lots of similar goods to wholesalers for easy break-up at the retailers level. In this way, cost savings are passed on through the various levels of distribution, with the ultimate goal of enhancing profit margins on each unit shipped.

This gold version of the 11-inch Piston Action Robot was likely manufactured during the same time frame as the silver edition. Interestingly, collectors discribe little valuation difference between silver & gold versions. As expected, the toy is functionally identical in every way, & comes packed in the same, high-quality illustration box that makes such a nice complement to that which houses Mechanized Robot. Silver or gold, the squatness of Piston Action Robot shine through.

Value: (Mint in Original Box) $3,000.

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