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Updated: January 18, 2018

Produced by the Japanese Toy Company Yoshiya in 1958. Around the time they were offering the Robby-inspired Planet Robot toys, Yoshiya also marketed this downmarket Robby variant for the even lower price-point consumers. Outfitted with a "wobble" drive mechanism, this humble seven-inch wind-up (crank) is clearly inspired by Forbidden Planet's" famous automaton, right down to the dome head, cylindrical torso, claw hands jutting outward at a 270-degree angle from one another, & bulbous, sausage link legs.

Because the toy uses an eccentric-wheel drive mechanism instead of functioning legs, it's likely Yoshiya positioned this toy as their most entry-level model. The toy also has rotating internal antennae within the clear-plastic dome. Note many examples have cracked or reproduction domes. A small number of color variants are also known.

Value: (Complete with mint box) $2,000.

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