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Updated: September 09, 2003

This original design looks almost identical to Robby, as this was the designs created by the film studios which was never used in the Forbidden Planet movie. The presence of this design can be seen in such classic movies as "Phantom Empire" and the TV series "Project Blue Book" in which the awesome Robot was seen walking down a ramp from an Alien flying saucer! Cool!

Measuring 10-inches in height this brilliant Robot is activated by a weird remote control allowing him to walk forwards while his gyros rotate and eyes light up from within the head, excellent! As he walks his body turns gently from left to right as if a scanning function is in process, wow!

An amazingly impressive box adds to the ultra coolness of this rare Robot. The box printed cardboard box shows an Alien planet landscape where the Forgotten Planet Robot stands. In the background the C-57D saucer from Forbidden Planet can be seen, way cool! Inside the box is a blueprint of the design which is just great history in the making!

This Robot is a custom made limited edition of only 9 pieces ever made. This Robot was originally made by John Riggs of Seattle, and sold by Jamie Cogan of England.

The most favorite Robot of all time ROBBY is back in his ORIGINAL design! Introducing the excellent remote controlled Forgotten Planet Robot. This cool Robot stands 10 inches high and when activated via the remote control walks forward.

It is totally awesome to look at as this Robot is extremely rare. Converted from the original trendmaster Robby design this Robot will be a real gem for any collection. Unfortunately he does not light up but has a great walking action and some out of this World quality box artwork including a internal diagram blueprint!

Value: $500-Up.

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