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Updated: September 30, 2020

Wow, you are now looking at very limited 8" Robby The Robot Forbidden Planet Miracle Action Figure DX by Medicom. This is a 100% authentic reproduction of Robby the Robot from the award-winning sci-fi classic "Forbidden Planet".

It features battery operated light-up "eyes" and "mouth", it's really funny and nice!!!

The toy is made of durable and high quality ABS and PVC materials. You may know it when you touch it! The majority of the body is made of ABS plastic so the sculpt is sharp and offers excellent articulation such as head, chest, arms, knees and ankles can be articulated.

The head can turn 360 degrees. The 3 clear gyroscopes rotate and saxophone-like valves move in sequence when head is turned. Two 3A batteries to operate the lights is required, the batteries are not included in this box set.

Besides, there is a classic ray-gun for Robby to hold. This toy is pre-painted and well assembled. This toy is never open, pics are only taken from outside, so this is a 100% mint in mint box!

Plus this is mystery figure as you may notice that this figure comes with silver hands. (The normal vers, is in black color)

Value: $60.

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