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Updated: January 15, 2021

Kevin Downard, minifigure collector and creator of the LSW Collector app says "The Character Encyclopedias are some of the best LEGO Star Wars books out there. For me the minifigures are the most exciting part of a LEGO set so having books dedicated to them is pretty cool. The fact that there is an exclusive minifigure in each one just makes it even better!"

However the latest edition of the LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia only has 200 hundred entries and doesn't include every minifigure. By only covering the "best-loved" ones it barely scratches the surface of the nearly 500 unique characters that LEGO has turned into minifigures meaning this publication is more suitable for fans who want to learn about Star Wars characters in their LEGO minifigure format, rather than one aimed at the LEGO collector who wants to track all the different Star Wars minifigure variants.

Its sturdy hardback cover will take plenty of knocks and compact size means it will easily fit in a school or man bag and the chronological (movie timeline) order that these LEGO minifigures are presented in provides a quick and fun reference. If you are into Star Wars minifigures and want to know which sets they came with, details on exclusive prints, any special parts that were used and what accessories were included with the minifigure then this book will appeal.

Retails: $20.

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