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Updated: October 09, 2021

The Green Hornet premiered on ABC on September 9, 1966. The series garnered respectable ratings when it premiered, winning its time slot against competition from The Wild Wild West (CBS) and Tarzan (NBC), but after several weeks ratings began to slip. The failure of the series to maintain its initial high ratings exacerbated the conflicts between Trendle and Dozier which first became manifest during initial production. As ratings slipped, it became clear that ABC had little interest in giving the series a second season (in fact, Dozier was concerned that the network wouldn't even run the series during the summer re-run period). In a valiant attempt to save the series, Dozier presented network executives with a proposal to convert the series from a Dramatic Half Hour to a Dramatic Hour Long, and featured the Hornet and Kato in an Intercontinuity Crossover in two episodes of his still popular Batman series hoping to generate interest in The Green Hornet among Batman fans. While ABC did eventually order summer re-runs of the series, it did not order a second season, and the series ended its run.

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