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Updated: February 04, 2024

The Munsters September 24, 1964 - September 8, 1966 CBS Situation Comedy - 70 Episodes

Cast: Herman Munster: Fred Gwynne Lily Munster: Yvonne DeCarlo Grandpa: Al Lewis Marilyn Munster: Beverley Owen Pat Priest Eddie Munster: Butch Patrick

1313 Mockingbird Lane, the creepy, spider-web-covered residence of the Munsters, a family who resemble celluloid fiends of the 1930s: Herman ( a Frankenstein-like creature ), a funeral parlor employee; his wife, Lily ( a female vampire ); their 10-year-old son, Edward Wolfgang ( a werewolf ); Lily's father, Count Dracula ( Grandpa ), a 378-year-old mad scientist; their "poor unfortunate" niece, Marilyn, young and beautiful, the black sheep of the family; and Spot, the family pet ( a fire-breathing dinosaur who lived under the stairs ). The Munsters considered themselves a normal, everyday American family, but to neighbors they were a bit unusual.

These five, are the Munsters. They look rather strange, act a little odd at times, but who's perfect? They also have the Koach and Grandpa's Drag-u-la racer in the garage. Normal, or what? The Munster go about their day to day life freaking people out. Their telephone is in a coffin in the wall. They eat some normal foods like oatmeal, and sandwiches, but sometimes they eat some things more classy, like filet of dragon. To Lily, dusting the house means throwing dust around.

For Eddie, it's too early for bed if it's too dark out. The Munsters also do lots of things backwards. Pour a cup of cream, and add some tea. Their house has cobwebs galore, yet they don't seem to mind.

Since 1964, The Munsters have remained a cult classic, and continue to gain new audiences and age groups, as they are repeated internationally in syndication.

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