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Updated: February 07, 2011

These four original drawings were done in 1965-66 for the pilot episode of the Time Tunnel, "Rendezvous with Yesterday. The drawings are on 8x10 white paper, with the drawings done in pencil, and color ink pens. The costume designs were used from 1912 from the Titanic.

The four drawings include, characters, Dennis Hopper, Tabor, Dr. Tony Newman (James Darren) & Dr. Doug Phillips (Robert Colbert). The Dr. Doug Phillips drawings includes the original material that was used for Mr. Colbert's jacket and pants used in the episode. What really makes this collection so special, it's complete, and signed by costume designer, Paul Zastupnevich. Mr. Zastupnevich did all the costume designs on all of Irwin Allen's productions.

I purchased this item on 10/8/00 from Jordan Reichek of Burbank, California.

Value: $2,500-Up.

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