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Updated: January 05, 2018

This is a reissue and released in 1995 by Monogram. The flying sub is 1/60 scale plastic model kit. Molded in yellow, gray, and clear plastic. Included are two mini figures.

The Flying Sub - A secondary smaller submarine [referred to as "The Flying Fish" in publicity releases] seen on the sci-fi adventure VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA/ABC/1964-68. The Flying Sub (or FS-1) was housed in the atomic submarine Seaview. It was launched by dropping through bomb-bay like doors on the underbelly of the submarine. Once outside the Seaview, the Flying Sub's engines increased their thrust, rocketed toward the ocean's surface and broke through the watery depths to the blue sky above.

When the sub concluded its mission, it dove back into the the sea and re-docked with the Seaview. The Flying Sub as well as the Seaview Submarine were created by miniature effects experts Howard Lydecker and L.B. Abbott.

Value: $30.

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