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Updated: August 11, 2006

Admiral Nelson's Secret Base & Captain Crane. The Nuclear Submarine is Getting Ready for another Misssion. Made from The Aurora Reissue Polar Lights. Customized front windows 4-panes made as the TV-version which gives sleeker shark-like appearance with light-up front-cabin & front-beacon as seen in the photos.

Lights run On 4-AA battery-pack sits under dock display-stand & on-off lite-switch on side of dock. Seaview plaque-lable on front of display-dock! Comes with custom made industral-crane on tank-treads / custom diving-bell / also emergency helicopter & fireTruck with-working ladder / includes two towers radar & sonar / working scoffal.

Beautiful rendition of the 60's classic TV-series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea! Created by model artist, Jerry VonMueller.

Value: $200.

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