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Updated: October 12, 2020

This is the press kit released for "Voyage to The Bottom of The Sea" by ABC.

What this kit has in it is a page dedicated to "Voyage" explaining a bit of what the show is about and who was in it and also the last paragraph is very interesting "The science-fact, science-fantasy color series (color was still a rarity then) set in the 1970's (this was 1967-68 season) was created by Academy Award winner Irwin Allen in association with 20th Century Fox. Allen is the executive producer.

The next page (these pages are on very thin paper not as yellowed as they appear as they were kept in a box with many other shows & information). Each page starts at the top with the ABC Logo and this says FYI. It tells all the credits, and gives a brief format of the show, the stars, and the supporting cast.

Next page is a biography of Richard Basehart, along with his vital statistics.

Next is biography of David Hedison and his vital statistics.

Bob Dowdell is next same as the others as far as information/bio & stats.

The last is a biography of Terry Becker vital stats on bottom there too.

The photograph is about 7" x 9" glossy and has the ABC photo division press information on top of and tells who Richard Basehart & David Hedison played and what time and night it was on. The sheet is pasted/glued to the back of the photo and it says back there ABC (logo photo division press info,) with the ABC NY address beneath it.

(*) This info and photos was taken off of eBay on 9/26/04. This Voyage press kit was sold from an employee that worked at 20th Century Fox at the time Voyage was being produced.

Value: $200-Up.

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