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Updated: May 20, 2021

Hello fellow fans, I am Richard Taylor and I currently reside in Oakland California.

My love for Lost in Space has been an all encompassing part of my life since 1966. We were not a well to do family, nor did my father have any affection for the show, so it was always a treat to get to watch it when he was out on a derailment or something. In 1968, my seven year old fingers were thumbing through a 1967 Sears Christmas catalogue when I stumbled across the switch and go playset. I asked my Mom if she could buy it for me and she said, "wait for your birthday". Unfortunately, by that time, there were no more to be had and I was utterly devistated.

Lost in Space disappeared from the prime time line up, and it would be another 3 years before I would see it again. By that time, we were living in Cleveland Ohio and it just so happened that Lost in Space was starting in syndication on UHF channel 43. It was on every day at 4PM, Mon - Fri and I caught up on all the shows I had missed. It became a ritual, no matter how many times I had seen an episode.

In 1980 I joined the U.S. Navy and entered in the aviation field, which would last for 10 years. In 1985 I was thrilled to hear that Irwin Allen may reunite the cast to conclude the show. Another heartbreak was in the making, because that was not to culminate either. I got into all the star log items and became a fast fan of Flint Mitchell and his "LISFAN" much are they worth today, flint?

In 1989, I was stationed in Philadelphia while my ship, USS Kitty Hawk, was undergoing service life extention. I was at my fathers trailer when I heard the news that Guy Williams had past away. In my heart, I knew that what I desperately wanted (and what all true fans wanted) would never culminate. The lost in space reunion would never be complete.

During these times, I was always on the look out for some merchandise relating to LIS and my hopes of something coming along someday, was always on my mind.

With the advent of the LIS Movie, I spotted a brand new B-9 in the store, and I bought 5 of them (all they had left) and hit the internet to see what else was coming along.

With the death of our Dear Dr. Smith, the hope of a reunion Movie goes with him. At least Jonathan knew they were actually going to do one and he was going to have a big part in it.

In 2000, I got involved in online gaming (flight simulators) and was awonder with the things people were doing with flight models. I wondered how hard it would be to model LIS vehicles and kept vigil for someone who was doing just that. I stumbled across such a vehicle in 2004 by Ronnie Pendergraft. This J-2 was simply awesome in its first release, full upper deck interior, working tripod landing gear, hatches, ramp. I was like a kid in a candy store and spent many hours flying all over the planet in Microsoft flight simulator 2004. I emailed Ronnie with an airfile I had been playing with for the J-2 to take off and land more in relation to the show. Ronnie had moved onto other projects by then, but I rekindled his interest with his J-2. I would always tell him more he could add or change to make the model even better. He was in work on the space pod then and asked if I would beta test it for him.

At this juncture, we had become close internet buddies and he related his desire to start an online website and call it "Pendercrafts" which I immediately spent the money, and built the site. Pendercrafts had the Jupiter-2, J-2A Spacepod and the Flying Sub from VTTBOTS in its inventory at that time.

R.C. Reddin (Glitch to simviation members) joined the crew with his desire to build scenery. The first thing I thought of was the Alpha Control launch pad and the Trona Crash site, which he did a splendid job, with Ronnie, building. Pendercrafts offers something no one else has (and for free!) an opportunity to fly your favorites on a computer and do a little roleplay imagination. We are currently in work on the "Guy Williams Commemorative Jupiter-2 " which is a 6 month plus work in progress. Ronnie uses Gmax, FSDS2K and XML to build his models. For those of you who have the initial release will notice, immediately, the interior upgrades and functionality that you didn't have before. Ronnie tells me its still more than a month to be completed. This will also include a full lower deck, but no power core, the model just wont fit it LOL. We also have put Guy and Jonathan into permanent cryogenic freeze in memoriam of them. Guy Williams Jr. fully approves of the concept and we truly admire his legacy and input to our work.

After the J-2, Ronnie will be building the Chariot with Glitch and then the bell rocket pack. After that, we will move on to Land of the Giants.

My own personal collection consists of all the trendmaster items, the Franklin Mint Robot, misc J-2 models and an uncirculated icons first season laser pistol signed by Jonathan Harris. I call this uncirculated because the plaque he signed has no number stamped on it. I also have a monogram flying sub that I adore. I will never part with any of these.

We thank Robert "Uncle Odie" for hosting us on his very fine site, I have been a big fan of his for years.

For all the fans, we will be sharing our work and pictures with Robert first from now on to keep you all coming back for more.

Until next time, thanks for visiting.

Rich Taylor


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