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Updated: September 30, 2004

Born in Montreal in 1960. Always fascinated by Science Fiction, from the age of 4-5 until today. Have been building models for 35 plus years. I have many fond memories of watching Star Trek, Lost in Space, and VTTBOTS through the long, cold Canadian winters. I just can't walk past a hobby or toy store without checking out the Space Toys! Worked as a Production Assistant, Scenic and Set artist, Stage Manager and then Propmaster during the 70's and 80's. Clients included Paramount Pictures, M TV Productions, Walt Disney, and many many more. Worked with many top Rock acts of those days. Iggy Pop, Foreigner, The Pretenders, Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, Jefferson Starship and The Moody Blues. Started selling kits on E-Bay under the seller name of Normandin, and ode to my recently departed Grandfather.

Was very surprised when they began selling faster than I could produce them on a part-time basis. Then established The Kit Factory in my small workshop/garage converted into a studio. There, I create the props that have really begun to "get around". I am surprised at the high quality of people that enjoy this art form. Nasa Technicians, Police Forensic Specialists, Boeing Technicians, and Executives of all walk of life make up my clients list.

I have been contacted by many people for special kit building projects. Over the last 6 months. I have delivered many different props and models to over 14 countries. This was supposed to be an after-retirement hobby. It has turned out to be a second career for me. I have enjoyed this experience tremendously and continue to strive to make the best kit I am capable of. I hope to do this for a long time to come! S.Mercs 11/2/2003

As far as the Seaview Diorama, it is the same backround as the one I used for the Flying Sub. The same rock too! :) My little Seaviews sell very well on E-Bay. A very smooth airbrush finish in Dark Ghost Grey gets that "almost Blue" hue the sub was painted in. The ballast ports are flat Black, and the windows are painted a warm Yellow to simulate lighting. A lit up version is on the drawing table! The Diorama Base is painted in glossy sea colors, Algae Green, and different Browns overlapped. This and the Flying Sub are my two most popular Props.

Amazing how Irwin Allen still captivates the young, and young-at-heart. The Jupiter-2 kits I sent pics of are 2 different props. The basic Polar Light Chrome version is a "Trophy" Piece and gets some accent hand painting. The Huge 24" Vacuum formed version is featured on one of my "on the workbench" website pages at There you will find a good description for this prop and the assembly details.

It had the full treatment, internal illumination and refractors. External illumination and fiber optic strands in the Hull Breach detail. All powered by 2, 9 Volt Batteries hidden under the Fusion Core. A "Crash Scene" version was requested by the client. Airbrush re-entry markings and a very detailed exterior paintwork were also part of the package. Micro-electronic details were imbedded in the Hull Breach detail to really give the impression of sub-dermal damage exposing internal components.

Very cool prop!

Thought you might want some of these shots of the Prototype of my 13 inch Seaview prop. It has cabin lighting, lit laser/searchlight, and red engine glow effect. It's a pretty cool little prop and comes on a Black base with switch and brass pole swivel. Or, on the Original diorama base with the battery power pack connected by wire to be concealed.

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