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Updated: March 11, 2012

I just completed 2 John Robinson figures based on the Sci-Fi Metropolis body. One is the Parka/Jetpack the other is the Spacewalk outfit. Here's a link to a few images of them currently up on the 1966 Batman Message Board:

I was inspired by the Sci Fi Metropolis prototype I saw on this site to make my own version of John Robinson with his jetpack. I'm still hoping to see their version come to fruition, but this will do for now.

I started with the Metropolis figure and went from there. I had some help with the clothing from Inner Circle Toys and took care of the jetpack, helmet, laser pistol, etc. myself. The jetpack took the most effort. I started out with a couple of old GI Joe flame thowers and a lot of photo reference. There's a certain amount of imagineering here, as I had to make some compromises in accuracy in order to make the control handles actually move the pitch and yaw of the exhaust pipes. I debated adding the scarves to the helmet but decided I should in the end. I always wondered about those....

Wayne Faucher

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