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Updated: May 20, 2021

Hello "Uncle Odie"...

I have attached the culmination of weeks of trials and failures in creating my version of The Time Tunnel! Actually, I started in 1969, but when my son was born in October of that year, it all went by the wayside.

It was done solely with Styrofoam cups and (2) coffee cans that serve as what I believe was a radiation hood over The Tunnel (although it was only seen a few times in the distant complex shots). I got most, if not all, of my info from your website(thanks for that). The difficulty was in achieving the proper perspective by making the rings to the correct decreasing size. I believe that the "real" Tunnel had (10) actual rings or free standing walls, as one person called them. I used a printed (off the computer from your site), picture for the "infinity" look of The Tunnel. I also went on ebay and bought "Rendezvous With Yesterday" and "One Way To The Moon" on VHS and from I've ordered "The Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen", hoping to get some behind the scenes info. I'm adding assorted lights for the final effect but I didn't think they would show up on my amateurish photos. This may not be my last diorama of The Tunnel, but that's it for a while.(my first rough cut was in July, it's now November 16th!)

Great site! I am going to make a Time Tunnel model as soon as I get all the materials. Is there any pix of the tunnel sections (like behind the scenes stuff available out there?)

Info like the height/width/thickness of front "ring"? I did a quickie Time Tunnel with a styrofoam cup at work during 2 lunch breaks and it actually looked decent. I cut the cup into a "ribcage" like style, leaving a strip down the middle for the "walkway" that was centered in the tunnel. I removed every other section and used a black magic marker to darken the face of the rings. I placed an open 3 ring notebook over it for shadow effect and bam! The Time Tunnel was sitting on my desk!

My interest in making a T.T. model goes back to 1969 when I decided to make my first one. This however was interrupted by the birth of my first child. Becoming a father put the project on hold for 34 years.

Out of the blue last June I typed "The Time Tunnel" on a search engine and eventually ended up on your website. That re-fired my interest in making one so I got a Styrofoam cup and in about 45 minutesI had a small "prototype". My wife said it looked cool and with that I was determined to make an authentic looking one.

I printed out all pages from your and other sites that showed different angles of the Tunnel. I had a lot of failures, and at some point I lost my wife's support, her saying that I was getting a little too deep with it. I'll admit I was over-focused because from June through November, it's all I thought about. This one has lights that flow like some Xmas lights do. I also bought the first two episodes on eBay. So, at 54, 34 years after starting "Project Tic-Toc", I finished it.


Richard Katzenberg Delavan, WI.

PS My wife and 34 year old son think it's pretty cool now!

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