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Updated: August 08, 2006

In the far-off days when Movie Theaters were considered as 'Palaces of Entertainment', special showcases were built at the front of theaters, arranged so perspective filmgoers could look at images from a film before buying a ticket for that film. These were called 'Front-of-House' stills and a large number were done for each film. Television never had such things as their shows and films were broadcast directly into your home. TV stills, therefore, are far scarcer and harder to find, printed only for newspaper and magazine use.

This is from one of the best of the still un-released series from the sixties. LAND OF THE GIANTS continued Irwin Allen's quest to get Sci-Fi into the Television mainstream! These are original 8x10 black and white shot from Allen's production company and shows one of the storyboard pieces done for presentation to sell the show.

Value: $30. (Each)

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