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Updated: July 10, 2004

Alien computer control device from The Invaders episode "Ivy Curtain". (ABC-TV, 1967-68) Wall-mounted device with twelve translucent white bulbs, each wired to illuminate from behind in an intermittent or circular pattern. This device can be seen mounted on a wall in the Midlands Academy, as part of the alien education computer which instructed the "Invaders" how to mimic human mannerisms. In this scene, the computer instructs the aliens to seek out a "David Vincent", the star of the show, whom they had just discovered had infiltrated the Academy. This prop was also used in other Invaders episodes, most notably "The Innocent" (aboard the alien space ship), "the Storm" (inside the alien-controlled church) and "The Prophet" (as the Prophet's control device). Measures 6 in. square. From the collection of Invaders special effects master Thol Simonson. Photos & text courtsey of Profiles in History: Value: $800 - $1,200

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