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Updated: February 08, 2022

For fans of classic producer, Irwin Allen, who made such hits over the years as Lost in Space, The Poseidon Adventure, and Land of the Giant's, comes this original double sided Screening Program measuring 8-1/2" x 11" from his classic 70's action adventure motion picture, The Towering Inferno.

This blockbuster film, featuring an all star cast including Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Fred Astaire, Richard Chamberlain, Susan Blakely, and O.J. Simpson!

This Screening Program features a great illustrated cover like the movie poster, inside gives you all the info on this blockbuster film, the back gives the cast and production credits and has the Warner Bros. and the 20th Century Fox logo. This Screen has the fantastic artwork it is in excellent condition for it's age, slight surface wear. It is very hard to find one these days.

In "Towering Inferno" Doug Roberts, Architect, returns from a long vacation to find work nearly completed on his skyscraper. He goes to the party that night concerned he's found that his wiring specifications have not been followed and that the building continues to develope short circuits. When the fire begins Michael O'Halleran is the chief on duty as a series of daring rescues punctuate the terror of a building too tall to have a fire successfully fought from the ground burns. The premiere party for the world's tallest skyscraper catches fire due to poor wiring. A determined fire chief and an honorable architect fight the fire from the outside and the inside respectively. Meanwhile, the fire engulfs floor by floor of the skyscraper, while the owner of the building struggles to find safety for the trapped party. "The Towering Inferno," one in a string of disaster movies of the 1970s, was promoted as a tribute to firefighters and their heroic work.

It was also among the highest-grossing box office draws of the mid-1970s. The finishing touches have just been made to the Glass Tower, a 138-story skyscraper in the heart of San Francisco. A huge celebratory gala, complete with VIP guests, has been planned to celebrate the dedication of what has been promoted as the world's tallest building. But the building's architect, Doug Roberts, suspects all is not right with the building. The contractors have used shoddy wiring, not the heavy-duty wiring he had specified. The overworked wiring develops short circuits, coincidentally enough during the height of the celebratory extravaganza; it isn't long before the Glass Tower becomes a huge towering inferno. The nearly 300 guests become trapped on the building's 135th floor, where the party takes place. Fire Chief Michael O'Hallorhan immediately devises a daring plan to rescue the trapped guests, but his efforts quickly become a battle against time and the panicked guests. Duncan Enterprises, an architectural and construction empire, is readying the dedication of The Glass Tower, the world's tallest skyscrapper, located in San Francisco.

Amid the activities of James Duncan and his chief architect Douglas Roberts, a circuit breaker blows in the building's main utility room - and unknown to all the surge blows another breaker that lights materials in a storage closet on fire. The electrical snafu forces Roberts to cut short a planned vacation with his fiance Susan Franklin and to confront Roger Simmons, the firm's chief electrical specialist who oversaw installation of the wiring. As the dedication party proceeds on schedule, Roberts finds the building's wiring is in worse shape than he could have expected, and it all blows up when the burning storage closet suddenly erupts into the corridors. The fire spreads with such speed that the entire San Francisco fire department must be called in, lead by Batallion Chief Michael O'Halloran, who expresses his distaste for skyscrappers to Roberts because the department can't easily combat a fire above the seventh floor. The two men still must work together, as 300 guests are trapped in the spacious Promenade room at the building's summit - and the fire continues to spread and set off gas explosions, to the point that the only chance to extinguish the fire may well kill the trapped partiers atop the Tower.

The Entire Cast included: Steve McQueen .... Chief Michael O'Hallorhan Paul Newman .... Doug Roberts William Holden .... James Duncan Faye Dunaway .... Susan Franklin Fred Astaire .... Harlee Claiborne Susan Blakely .... Patty Simmons Richard Chamberlain .... Roger Simmons Jennifer Jones .... Lisolette Mueller O.J. Simpson .... Harry Jernigan Robert Vaughn .... Sen. Gary Parker Robert Wagner .... Dan Bigelow Susan Flannery .... Lorrie Sheila Allen .... Mrs. Paula Ramsay (as Sheila Mathews) Norman Burton .... Will Giddings (as Normann Burton) Jack Collins .... Mayor Robert Ramsey Don Gordon .... Kappy Felton Perry .... Scott Gregory Sierra .... Carlos Ernie F. Orsatti .... Mark Powers (as Ernie Orsatti) Dabney Coleman .... Deputy Chief #1 Elizabeth Rogers .... Lady in buoy chair Ann Leicester .... Guest Norman Grabowski .... Flaker Ross Elliott .... Deputy Chief #2 Olan Soule .... Johnson (as Olan Soul?) Carlena Gower .... Angela Allbright Mike Lookinland .... Phillip Allbright Carol McEvoy .... Mrs. Allbright Scott Newman .... Young fireman Paul Comi .... Tim George Wallace .... Chief Officer Patrick Culliton .... Technician William Bassett .... Leasing agent (as William H. Bassett) John Crawford .... Mr. Callahan Erik L. Nelson .... Wes (Utility Worker) (as Erik Nelson) Art Balinger .... Announcer Norman Hicks .... Pilot (as Lcdr Norman Hicks) Thomas Karnahan .... Co-pilot (as Ltjg Thomas Karnahan).

It's a great collectible for any Irwin Allen or Steve McQueen fan.

Value: $50.

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