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Updated: February 08, 2022

Mad Magazine, Number #177, September 1975

On the cover: The Towering Inferno

Features include:

Berg's Eye View Department: The Lighter Side Of Summer Hazards

Don Martin Department: One Day in the Park One Beautiful Evening Last May The Great Zucchini and his Cannon

Err Apparent Department: How many mistakes can you find in this picture?

Impairing The Morale of a Minority Department: "Cheeko and the Ham" (A MAD TV Satire) - based on "Chico and the Man"

Joke And Dagger Department: Spy Vs. Spy

Letter Department: Random Samplings Of Reader Mail

Marginal Thinking Department: "Drawn-Out Dramas" By Aragones

Minor Disaster Department: Young Sports Illustrated

Plot-Broiler Department: "The Towering Sterno" (A MAD Movie Satire) - based on "The Towering Inferno"

Sour Gripes Department: It Ain't Fair When

Shoe Biz Department: Footnotes to Folklore

Where There's Smoke, There's Ire Department: MAD Devices to Solve Smoker - Non-Smoker Problems

X-Posed Department: More MAD X-Rayvings

Value: $30.

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