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Updated: April 03, 2022

Unique recent drawings done by songwriter / movie and TV star / comic and book writer, all around Superstar: Bill Mumy!! And here's the story behind these turbo rare and cool drawings...

Mumy and his boy pal Artie were working on their first Barnes & Barnes album in 17 years! (Scheduled to be released several months from now). The date was August 7th, 2008. Mumy was waiting for Artie to arrive for that day's recording session.

Artie walks in, Mumy hands him these drawings that he did that morning while waiting, which proceed to crack Artie up. Artie falls to the floor and cries, he is so blown away by their unique beauty.. (Ok, so the last part was made up...) Mumy signed the bottom of 2 of the drawings. The boys then went about their work. The drawings were forgotten about... Or were they? It turned out that Artie snuck them out of the studio and brought them home.

They look like they were done in colored pencil, but what do I know?! Maybe magic markers. The 2nd one is like a comic book cover, called "Yeah Comics". Mumy created a hero named "and a piece of that pie". He is a crime fighting pie, I suppose. The 5th page is a picture of Stymie from the Little Rascals. He says "How about you, Pete"? The 4th page is in blue and features many scary weird characters created by Mumy's dark id. Features "The Weird Sun" and "The Mustached Moon".

Additional drawings were recently found on eBay, and added to this section, a tribute to Bill's work!

Value: $50. (Each)

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