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Updated: April 17, 2022

"Lost In Space" Classic Television Series - Jupiter-2 Playset Toy Design - Original Concept Art (1997)

Rendered by Film Production Illustrator Daren Dochterman:

A wonderfully hand-drawn and hand-colored, original, detailed illustration depiciting a proposed Jupiter-2 Playset based upon the classic television series Lost in Space. Rendered and signed by acclaimed Film production illustrator Daren Dochterman ( Tron Legacy, The Abyss, GI Joe, Star Trek: Voyager etc. ) This piece of artwork was drawn and proposed to the licensee in 97 before the release of the big budget Newline Cinema Lost in Space movie Film and launch of a new Lost in Space classic toy line. The toy company that proposed the piece folded and this toy was never produced.

Value: $300.

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