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Updated: April 19, 2022

Thanks, "Uncle Odie" means a lot to our little group of developers. If you are going to use screenies (as is your norm) I need to send you updated jpg's for the interior upper flight deck as we have made a lot of changes. We have accurately modeled the Burroughs consoles, center and left / right radar panels in 3d. The flight deck is fully functional.

This update is the Guy Williams commemorative J-2 and the most definative anywhere. Guy Williams son, Steve Jr., gets updates constantly and is the only "celebrity" that is aware of what we are doing. Since the passing of his father and the passing of Jonathan Harris, we have put them both in freezing tubes for posterity and in memoriam to them.

Ronnie and I are great fans of LIS, although I am the only one who was alive and watching the show when it was in prime time lol. If you have Microsoft flight simulator 2004, I would be happy to let you have the interior MDL so you can fly it around a bit. We still have about 2 months left to do since we have to correct the exterior flight model for lower deck interior additions and correct modeling of the fusion core and attached fins. Can I put the pictures together first? Thanks again for your support.

Rich Taylor Co-owner and Administrator Pendercrafts

(*) For more great photos and info check out Rich/Ronnie work on there website at,

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