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Updated: April 19, 2022

I received this e-mail on Saturday September 3, 2005. Greg the artist of the Penny Robinson snowglobe drawing was nice enough to share this early prototype art design with us. We hope that this snowglobe and others are considered in the near future? If so, we will showcase these fan made items here on our website.

I'm a 60's kid who still loves the Irwin Allen shows. I was surfing around the web in my usual shopping spree and found the "Uncle Odie's" site. I've also gone sculpting crazy. I worked in comics and news for years and met many awesome sculptors. So when I saw many Irwin Allen fans making their own stuff I was done! So I figured to sculpt some stuff from LIS my favorite show. One of my top favorite episodes and one of the best episodes of television ever was 'My Friend, Mr. Nobody'. I remember when it aired on TV. Scared people silly! We thought the tV set was going to explode after Mr. Nobody broke out and went off berserk.

That one episode had a better story, acting, directing, music than 99% of the stuff Hollywood is churning out nowadays. Shown here is Penny Robinson, it's a snowglobe design that I figured out. I'll probably be done with the main figure and base in a week. The snowglobe is the trick. Have to order that. I found out they don't use water in those things. They use mineral oil!

Thanks "Uncle Odie" for a place for us Irwin Allen fans can show up.

Greg Boone

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