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Updated: June 23, 2022

Features here is a fan-made custom action figure of Jimmy Hapgood (Warren Oates). Comes complete with jumpsuit, cowboy hat, boots, and a Lost in Space laser pistol.

Value: $100.

Welcome stranger:

Not long after sending out a radio signal, the Robinsons' radar shows a spacecraft heading in on them. They find the vessel is originally from Earth, piloted by the renowned astronaut Jimmy Hapgood, who disappeared on a mission to Saturn many years before. Hapgood, attracted by the prospect of interstellar space, abandoned his mission and has been rambling among the stars ever since.

Will is very impressed meeting a real hero and quickly offers to help Hapgood decontaminate his ship. Over the next few days he spends a lot of time with the astronaut and Hapgood is pleased to regale the boy with tales of the many amazing things he has seen in his travels.

After John and Don help Hapgood make repairs to his spaceship, John and Maureen consider asking Hapgood to take Penny and Will with him to Earth. The children are distraught at the idea, but agree. When the Robinsons broach the idea, Hapgood asks for time to think about it, and when he declines, he gets into a fistfight with Don. Even Dr. Smith attempts to talk Hapgood into taking him to Earth, but he too is refused. When Hapgood returns to his ship, he finds it overgrown with spores, it not having been properly decontaminated at his arrival. When Penny is almost killed by the spores, Hapgood realizes the dangers the Robinsons face and agrees to return the children to Earth for their own safety.

Dr. Smith is furious when he learns this. Out of spite (and to have the chance to replace the children on board Hapgood's ship) he begins to play on their renewed sadness at the prospect of leaving their family. He is quickly able to trick them into running away. Since Hapgood must launch at a specific time or risk being marooned with the Robinsons, all the children have to do is remain away long enough. The family searches for them, but despite their best efforts, Hapgood must take off without the children.

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