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Updated: September 13, 2022

After nearly 30 plus years of the original LIS cards issued by Topps, Inkworks issued 81 trading cards from the classic TV series in 1997. Cards honored all three seasons with some unseen shots added to the collection. There were 7 cards per pack, with 36 total packs per sealed box. A stand-up mini Robot card was also included with each box. Actors Mark Goddard, Billy Mumy, & Jonathan Harris signed 600 cards, which were bonus surprise cards added for collecting enjoyment. Chase cards were also added of the weird aliens that made appearances on the show. Not to mention a neat cast puzzle to be completed. Inkworks also had available uncut card sheets of only 100 being sold. Inkworks in planning on releasing a NEW set of cards on Lost in Space in the near future.

Value: $50. (Sealed Box) Unopen Packs $5. Individual cards $1. each.

Inkworks is First in Space to Create Lost in Space Archives:

Premiere Edition Trading Cards - Raleigh, NC, August 19, 1997. For the first time in more than thirty years, the classic Lost in Space property has been officially licensed through New Line Cinema, and Inkworks is first in space to introduce an inaugural trading card series, Lost in Space Archives: Premiere Edition.

New Line Cinema recently announced the licensing deal with Inkworks, which also includes a trading card series releasing in March 1998 which is based on the new, blockbuster Lost in Space feature film, set to premiere in April.

The Irwin Allen Lost in Space TV classic aired on CBS from 1965 through 1968 and became a worldwide syndicated hit, now airing daily at 9 A.M. on the Sci-Fi Channel. Lost in Space Archives: Premiere Edition premium trading cards follow the adventures (and often misadventures) of the Robinson family whose sabotaged spaceship is forced to wander the galaxy, bringing them into contact with an assortment of ominous aliens as they attempt to return safely to Earth.

Our Lost In Space Archives cards are a great tribute to this wonderful sci-fi classic, said Allan Caplan, Inkworks' President and CEO. The show was part sci-fi drama, part campy romp! We strived to ensure the integrity of the show and its characters by employing the services of known experts in television history and the science fiction genre, i.e., Lost in Space fanatics. I think this premium card series will really knock the socks off of fans of the show and science fiction buffs as well.

Inkworks' Lost in Space Archives collector cards are now available and include 81 full-bleed, UV-coated cards based on the 1960's TV classic. Geared toward baby boomers with a taste for nostalgia, the card series features full color images highlighted by rare photos and restored vintage images. The series was written by Gary Gerani, author of Fantastic Television, a well-known bible of fantasy/sci fi programs of the past including Lost in Space.

Lost in Space Archives include:

Critics Choice: Favorites episodes will be highlighted with classic black and white photos.

Behind the Scenes: Rare or never before published color photos take viewers behind the scenes of the filming of the beloved series. Lost in Space Collectibles: Toys, model kits and more. Character Cards: Featuring unique images of the original cast including Bill Mumy, Jonathan Harris, June Lockhart and more! Preview Cards. A trading card first, only from Inkworks. A special nine-card preview subset of the upcoming Lost in Space Movie, an $80 million blockbuster releasing on April 3, 1998. This subset will feature photos not seen anywhere else!

Lost in Space has always been a much loved, but under-utilized franchise, said Greg Goldstein, Vice President of Licensing and Product Development at Inkworks. Inkworks is going to change all that. We're going to do for Lost in Space what we've so successfully done for our James Bond series make it into a powerhouse property! I think the folks will be very happy with the terrific looking movie coming out in April, and I'm sure Lost in Space will garner a whole new generation of fans.

Five super levels of bonus cards accompany the Lost in Space Archives series: (Not included in set)

The Robinson Family Nine cards featuring the intriguing stories of the famous space wanderers (1:11 packs). Alien Wonders Ever wonder how some of those cheesy-looking aliens ever made it through their first audition? Six awesome aliens to trade and collect mine's goofiest! (1:17 packs).

Danger Will Robinson: The Robo-Metallic Card Will was always in danger, and Robot always let him know it! This very rare, ultra cool card features fan favorite, Robot, in all his metallic splendor! (1:108 packs).

Mark Goddard signature promo card. This is a signed and numbered collectors card based on the promo card pictured on the left above. There are only 600 of these cards randomly placed in packs. Based on first run production figures the chances of getting this card are (1:360 packs).

Jonathan Harris signature promo card. This is a signed and numbered collectors card based on the promo card pictured on the right above. There are only 600 of these cards randomly placed in packs. Based on first run production figures the chances of getting this card are (1:360 packs).

Lost in Space Archives: Premiere Edition packs contain 7 cards. INKWORKS - WARNING! WARNING! THESE CARDS CAN BE HABIT FORMING!

Inkworks is a cutting-edge entertainment trading card company established in 1995. They are the only major card manufacturer that has established an Inkworks Guarantee that assures collectors that each display box contains defect-free cards and a complete set (1-81) or Inkworks will replace the missing cards free of charge, while supplies last. Inkworks pledges the highest quality, production, printing and packaging. Inkworks' other licenses include James Bond, Sliders, Men in Black, Spawn and Starship Troopers.

[11291] - Box of Lost in Space Archives Premiere Edition Premium Trading Cards 36 packs per box 7 cards per pack. A box that is sure to become a collectible itself! The Inkworks Guarantee - At least one complete set (1-81) in every box.

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