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Updated: July 30, 2023

Lost in Space Verda the Android

1/6th scale action figure

Item number LISERPL002

Bar code 0711978601297

Verda the android was created when Dr. Smith used the Celestial Department Store ordering machine and accidently ordered her. The Robinson's come to love her but Verda is recalled by the Department Store because she has developed human emotions. She later returns as the Department Store has decided to recall and destroy all android model B androids which is what Verda is. Instead of being destroyed, she runs away to find help but she is being hunted down by a super android IDAK. However, IDAK soon develops human feelings and cannot destroy her. Verda decides that she and IDAK should escape to an unknown planet where they can never be found.

Officially Authorized Likeness:

Phicen Articulated female 1:6 Body Silver top silver pants Pair of silver boots


1 set of earrings attached to the humanoid head 2 interchangeable heads - 1 x humanoid head, 1 x Android silver head

4 Posing Hands - 2 x human 2 x silver android Specialty Packaging Figure Stand

Retails: $269.00 ( Limited to 300 figures - Available March 2016 )

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