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Updated: September 27, 2022

Lost in Space Jupiter-2 custom built-up 12-inch Polar Lights model Kit with lights in dome & power-core. Three figures + detail interior. Exterior painted silver to match the original 60's TV-show black and white season.

Jupiter-2 top lifts-off to view interior & bottom level left out to make space for lights power-unit which has two speeds on both units rotating-lights for a very cool circular-rotating-look just like the TV Jupiter-2 prop effect! Runs on 9-volt battery & has two switches one for the speeds & one for on-off. The cost of the lights are now expensive to get power-core goes for $89 & the dome-light is hard to find now $50 if so. Lights are brighter than pics showed close-up of dome-light to show the detailed-circuit.

Scratch-built-part: The Gyroscope red-ball has been cut-out & inserted with minature-parts as opposed to a flat wall. This one part alone took many hours to construct. The three figure custom made John Robinson & Don West at the cockpit window & Dr. Smith in the elevator! Pro-Paint job nicely done. All clear-parts have been glued with non-fogging-glue.

(*) Built and created by artist, Jerry VonMueller of New York.

Value: $400.

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