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Updated: December 04, 2022

This is a hand sculpted and hand painted figure by artist Brian Davis of Ocala Flordia. The sculpture is made of polymer clay. The figure is 13.0" high.

This fantastic sculpture is of Francine York who protrayed, "Niolani in The Colonists in season two on Lost in Space. Originally aired on CBS on March 15, 1967 episode #54, written by Peter Packer, and directed by Ezra Stone. The past several months by my request and other fans / collectors, artist Brian Davis continues to show-off his many talents with these one-of-a-kind sculptures. It's amazing how fast Brian makes these, and the likeness, details, and quality is beyond excellent.

Thanks again Brian for your incredible sculptures, I will treasure them all here, and showcase each one when they come available.

Value: $250.

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