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Updated: July 06, 2019

A custom set of pilot seats from the Jupiter-2. They are 1/6 scale, that means they are made in scale to go with '12' figures. They are made out of wood. The frame work is a hobby plywood and the black seat cushions are made out of balsa.

They were made from the blueprints of the original seats used on the show. There was a lot of time and attention to detail put into each seat. The holes on the sides are not painted circles. They were cut out a 1/6th of a inch deep. Talk about attention to detail!

The lip on the left and right side of the seat back is the same as the ones on the show. That lip was meant to catch the metal lip of the computer console when the seats were folded down and pushed forward. The seats do not fold down, they are fixed in the upright position.

If you have '12' figures then these will make a perfect accessory to go with them. Or they look great just by themselves!

Value: $200. (Set)

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