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Updated: May 20, 2022

The Ultimate Full Color Water-Slide Decal set (for the Polar Lights Jupiter-2 model)

These very colorful water-slide decals will help you detail your Jupiter-2 model kit like a professional and have it looking like a studio prop! There will be minimal painting necessary if you use most of the decals, or you can paint some parts and decal others. I leave it up to you to build it however you wish. I spent weeks working on these and the way they came out, they were worth all my efforts!

This decal set includes many duplicate parts (for the occasional screw-up) and options to allow you to duplicate, fairly accurately, the various different incarnations of the Jupiter-2 as seen on "Lost in Space" as it changed over the years. As a bonus, we included two "peel and stick" vinyl stickers (beige in color), that you can use for the center "floor circles" on the upper and lower decks. They are the same quality that is used in retail shop windows, designed to last a long time and they are fairly flexible as well. Some people have told me what a pain it is to mask off and paint the "perfect" circle on this model kit, so now you have an alternative!

Detailed instructions are included! Everyone who has seen these has been amazed!

You get:

Blue back-wall decals for behind the cryo tubes! Turbo Lift controls and back wall of lift decal (upper AND lower deck)! All upper panels around the entire upper deck! Flight control computer panel! Flight Recorder Decal! Navigation control decals! Scanner decals! Decals for all hatches, upper and lower decks and the armory! Decal for the Space Pod hatch (and you can see the pod inside through the window, too!) Side wall bevel panels at the upper deck navigation console! Buttons / tether hooks for the external airlock hatch on the outside of the hull! Dozens of extra decals - like buttons for hatches, speaker decals for walls, different versions of decals and more! Navigation control console decals (2 sets, in case you mess up)! Decals for the Astrogator! Full lower deck galley, kitchen / lab area decals! Full decals for the lower deck crew cabins (with extra's)! Decals for all panels and consoles on the lower deck! Hatch Decals for the landing gear exit and for the "Reactor Core"! Decals for the lower flight control console! Robot Pedistal decal! and more!!!

Retail Value: $22.

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