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Updated: June 13, 2020

The most famous color tunic of them all. This is Billy Mumy's orange tunic worn in the 2nd season on Lost in Space. I received an e-mail on December 6, 2000 that this item was for sell. I contacted the seller, which in turn already sold it to another collector for $2,000.

Actor Billy Mumy's favorite tunic was the blue one that was worn in the 1st year of Lost in Space 1965-66. He owned the costume for several years, and finally gave it away to a loyal fan of the show. It is believed about 6 of these tunic's were made for Billy during Lost in Space. More of these were made for both him and Jonathan Harris, than the other actors/actress of the series, seeing they were in more episodes than the others, and needed cleaner costumes more often. This has been a proven fact, seeing I have seen about 3 of these available for purchase either on eBay or auction houses in the past several years.

This tunic without the pants, are apprasied for $5,000-$6,000.

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