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Updated: April 19, 2012

Recieved this e-mail and photos on February 22, 2006:

I recently bought a creature costume that I believe is from the 60's. He looks very familiar but I can't place where I saw him. The costume needs restoration and is pretty detailed in areas with painted beads embedded in the skin.

As you're one of the most respected experts in the Lost in Space world I thought I'd ask if you recognize this creature? I took these pictures with a B9 that I built last year.


Jim Quinlan

(*) Hi Jim -

Thanks for the e-mail, info and photos on your recent purchase. I saw this costume on eBay several weeks ago, and was very impressed on the detail and quality of the piece. Sadly, this was not any alien costume used on Irwin Allen's TV show, or on Lost in Space. You are thinking of the episode, "A Change of Space" which was originally aired on CBS on April 20, 1966. Indeed it does look similar, and even looks like the famous Gil-Man from Creature from the Black Lagoon of the 1950's.

Without seeing the costume personally it's hard to say more. Is there any costume tags inside the item? It's a great prop costume, and worth having in any collection. I have not seen this alien in any recent TV or movies as of this e-mail? Perhaps a fellow fan/reader can comment more on this if anyone wishes to shade some light on this alien from another unknown world?


Robert - "Uncle Odie"

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