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Updated: April 18, 2024

Original hero Jupiter-2 Space Pod filming miniature from Lost in Space. ( CBS-TV, 1965-68 ) This fantastic craft, modeled after the Apollo Lunar Module, was used in the third and final season of the popular 1960's Irwin Allen science fiction series. In the third season, the Robinson Family wasn't restricted to one world. The now-mobile Jupiter-2 would travel to other worlds in an attempt to return to Earth or to settle on Alpha Centauri.

The Space Pod was used to travel from its bay in the Jupiter-2 to destinations either on land or in space. This finely crafted filming miniature measures 36 in. high x 31 in. long and is constructed of wood with steel, brass, aluminum and resin components. The rear door hinges open, the top mounted periscope turns from side-to-side and both front mounted sensors pivot up and down.

After the run of the series, like many of the props from Irwin Allen's shows, the Space Pod was relegated to storage on the 20th Century Fox back lot until they sold the land in the early 1970's and this piece was purchased, saving it from imminent destruction. The miniature has been professionally restored and retains all the original pieces, with the exception of the upper docking ring, Fusion Core ( Profiles in History sold the original Fusion Core in there Auction 20, lot 388 ), the bezel surrounding the left sensor and the hexagonal "dish". The original windows accompany the lot, but have warped over the years so reproductions are installed in their place. The paint has been retouched with matching paint. An instantly recognizable "space age" filming miniature from this landmark television series.

Value: $40,000.

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